It’s not always easy to find a good reliable headshot photographer in Sussex which is probably where you are based. A lot of photographers carry out headshots but not many of them specialise in shooting headshots so I wanted to write a quick blog post to help people like you get in touch with me.

Most of the questions you could have are probably on this website but please send me an email carl@carlpendle.com and I’ll answer any other queries you might have. Below is a list of common questions I get asked:

HOW MUCH WILL MY HEADSHOT COST ME? I have a prices pages on this website so do have a look at the link above but to summarise I charge £95 per person and the best image I will retouch for you. I can do a minimum of 5 people at your office or if there is a lot of people let me know and I’ll give you a discount. Generally I charge per person.

DO WE NEED TO COME TO YOUR STUDIO? No you don’t. In fact I do all my headshots at the clients location so I can come to you or meet at a convenient place for both of us and carry out the headshots there.

DO YOU HAVE ALL THE EQUIPMENT? Yes and I’ll bring all of it to the location, I even have backdrops so whether you want a more lifestyle look or maybe white, black or grey we can do that as well.

WHAT ARE THE TURNAROUND TIMES? I’m usually very quick but it depends on how many people I have to photograph. For less than 10 people it will only be a couple of days and for more than that it will be a few more.

WHAT SHALL WE WEAR? That depends on what you’re trying to achieve with your portrait. If its for a business platform like linkedIn that maybe something professional looking. If you’re an actor then maybe wear something suitable for the role you are auditioning for. Whatever you wear its best if it is not too distracting from your face so nothing overly patterned or stipey.

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE PER PERSON? I do like to take my time to relax the sitter but I understand that if you’ve a lot of employees to photograph time is important to get as many done as possible. I’d say allow at least 15 minutes per person but ideally 30 minutes.

I hope that helps answer a few questions but again do get in touch if I can help with anything else.

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